Prix Fixe (Lunch)

    • 廚師推介點心午餐

    • 魚子海皇羹

      Seafood bisque garnished with fish roe

    • 蒜香牛油龍蝦餃

      Steamed dumpling of fresh lobster escalopes & shrimp in garlic butter

    • 煙肉帶子蝦

      Deep-fried prawn coated with shrimp mousse & scallop, wrapped with bacon

    • 香煎蟹鉗韭菜包

      Seared crab claw, shrimp & green chive in wonton

    • 松露野菌腐皮素卷

      Steamed soft bean curd sheet wrapped with assorted mushrooms & truffle in soy sauce dressing

    • 巴黑夏豬鹹水角

      Deep-fried soft dumpling of Berkshire pork

    • 龍蝦片炒一家麵

      Truffle & lobster escalopes on thin noodles flavored with truffle scented oil

    • 中式甜點

      Chinese dessert

$50.00 per person

Minimum for two

    • 特式點心午餐

    • 松露雞茸餃

      Steamed dumpling of minced chicken & truffle

    • 帶子蝦燒賣

      Siu Mai of pork, shrimp & scallop

    • 乾蒸牛肉燒賣

      Steamed minced beef Siu Mai

    • 黑醋上素腐皮卷

      Crispy fried tofu sheet roll filled with exotic mushroom, dark vinegar

    • 鳳梨叉燒酥

      Baked mini turnover filled with pineapple & barbequed pork

    • 山楂糖醋蝦卷

      Crispy shrimp rolls served with a sweet hawthorn sauce

    • 香蒜鵝肝鴨粒炒飯

      Foie gras & diced duckling fried rice flavored with deep-fried garlic

    • 中式甜點

      Chinese dessert

$35.00 per person

Minimum for two