Gourmet @ Home

Our restaurant quality dishes, made in your home, with your own two hands.
Experience the process of Southern Chinese cooking and impress your family, friends, roommates (and yourself) with our Lai Wah Heen meal kits. We provide all the ingredients, you create the masterpiece.

Soup @ Home

Reclaiming bone broth and sharing traditional Southern Chinese soups good for your well-being
Bone broth is a staple in Southern Chinese cuisine with centuries of tradition. Lai Wah Heen’s soup-at-home collection showcases and preserves the authentic roots of bone broth in Cantonese cuisine and the traditional benefits it provides to wellness in the body. Recipes are brought to you by Chef Sam Tse, head chef at Lai Wah Heen (est. 1995) *Benefits are based on Chinese traditional beliefs, not scientifically tested.