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    • 靈猴獻瑞賀年小菜

    • 蠔皇南非四頭大網鲍

      $280.00 per piece

      Rare jumbo dried abalone, braised in supreme oyster sauce (Quarter catty)

    • 蠔皇南非六頭大網鲍

      $180.00 per piece

      Rare jumbo dried abalone, braised in supreme oyster sauce (One-sixth catty)

    • 蝦子燒百花釀刺參 (每位)

      $22.00 per person

      Sea cucumber filled with shrimp mousse, braised with shrimp roe sauce

    • 鎮江香醋扣元蹄

      $8.00 per person

      Classic recipe of braised pork hock in dark vinegar

    • 蝦子珍珠海參絲扒鵝掌


      Braised goose web topped with minced pork ball, shredded sea cucumber & shrimp roe

    • 蜜餞煎金蠔豉


      Pan-seared dried oysters with honey sauce

    • 髮菜扣蠔豉


      Braised dried oyster, black moss on a bed of iceberg lettuce

    • 鴻運乳豬件


      Roasted suckling pig

    • 伴水芹香


      Wok-fried sliced lotus root, Chinese celery & seasonal vegetables in garlic sauce

    • XO醬乾蔥爆黃鳝


      Wok-fried shredded eel with shallot in chili conpoy sauce

    • 瑤柱露荀蛋白炒蝦仁


      Scramble egg white stir-fried with shredded conpoy, asparagus & diced shrimp

    • 雲耳杞子炒肉絲


      Stir-fried shredded pork with black fungus & wolfberry

    • 南乳温公齋煲


      A casserole of assorted fungus, mushrooms & vegetable in bean paste

    • 頭盤前菜

    • 北京片皮鴨


      Peking (Beijing) Duck (Sixteen pieces for 2 to 6 guests) Additional course $ 10.00 Whole duckling fried to a crisp carved at your table. Served with finely shredded scallion & cucumber on steamed rice crepes Choice of second course: Crystal Fold - wok-fried minced duckling, assorted vegetables & fried noodles wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves Stir-fried shredded barbequed duckling with a rainbow of carrot, celery & seasonal vegetables Chopped duckling served with plum sauce

    • 燒味五福盆 任選以下五款:豉油雞、叉燒、燒鴨、燻蹄、牛展、鴨舌、醉轉彎


      Chinese BBQ Platter (Recommended for 4 persons) Choose five from the following: soy-marinated chicken, barbequed pork, roasted duckling, smoked ham hock slices, beef shank, marinated duck tongue & wine marinated chicken wing

    • 醬爆木須肉絲 可選牛、豬或雞


      Moo Shu (Recommended for 4 persons) Your choice of beef, pork or chicken, wok-fried with shredded mushroom, cabbage and carrots in Hoisin sauce. Served with steamed rice crepes

    • 七彩海皇生菜包


      Rainbow Chop in Crystal Fold (Recommended for 4 persons) Diced seafood medley, stir-fried with vegetables & fried noodles

    • 草莓汁香煎鵝肝伴茄片野菜沙律 (每位)

      $16.00 per person

      Pan-seared Foie Gras & eggplant, dressed with strawberry sauce

    • 麗華點心四式

      $12.00 per person

      Dim Sum platter Four kinds of Lai Wah Heen’s famous Dim Sum

    • 百花釀蟹鉗

      $7.50 per piece

      Deep-fried crab claw coated with shrimp mousse

    • 沙律龍蝦威化卷

      $7.00 per piece

      Deep-fried minced lobster in a crispy fold

    • 雜菜炸春卷

      $2.00 per piece

      Deep-fried spring roll filled with mixed vegetable & mushroom

    • 山楂糖醋蝦卷

      $3.00 per piece

      Crispy shrimp roll served with a sweet hawthorn sauce

    • 燉湯

    • 鮑魚花膠燉雞

      $24.00 per person

      Double boiled consommé with abalone & premium graded fish maw

    • 瑤柱菜膽燉四寶

      $18.00 per person

      Double boiled supreme soup with conpoy, fish maw, dried conch, shiitake mushrooms & hearts of bok choy

    • 花旗參燉竹絲雞

      $18.00 per person

      Double boiled silky chicken & North American ginseng in clear consommé

    • 清湯

    • 鮮蝦雲吞湯

      $8.50 per person

      Fresh shrimp wonton suspended in a clear consommé

    • 松露素菜麵醬清湯

      $7.50 per person

      Clear miso consommé with fresh sprouts, diced tofu & mushroom, truffle oil

    • 鮮蟹肉魚肚羹

      $13.00 per person

      Fresh Dungeness crab and fish maw bisque

    • 芙蓉斑片羹

      $9.50 per person

      A thickened broth of bass filet & egg white

    • 魚子海皇羹

      $8.50 per person

      Seafood bisque garnished with fish roe

    • 瑤柱金菇鴨絲羹

      $7.50 per person

      Shredded Peking Duck & enoki mushrooms in a thick soup flavored with finely shredded conpoy

    • 京式酸辣羹

      $7.50 per person

      Hot & sour soup with baby shrimp, shredded chicken, deep-forest mushrooms & egg drop

    • 西湖牛肉羹

      $8.50 per person

      Minced beef & parsley in a thick chicken broth with egg white

    • 雞茸粟米羹

      $7.50 per person

      Chicken & sweet corn in thick chicken broth

    • 游水海鮮

    • 時令游水海鮮 可選清蒸、起肉炒球、炆頭腩、滾魚湯等等

      Seasonal price

      Daily catch, can be steamed with soy sauce ginger & scallions, wok-fried with vegetables, braised in casserole or prepared to your preference

    • 金巢鴛鴦龍蝦球

      Seasonal price

      Wok-fried lobster medallions accompanied with deep-fried spiced claws presented in a crispy potato nest

    • 西施炒龍蝦球

      Seasonal price

      A duo of wok-fried lobster medallions in cream & egg white, garnished with deep-fried spiced claws

    • 上湯焗龍蝦

      Seasonal price

      Classic wok-baked lobster in supreme sauce

    • 薑蔥炒龍蝦

      Seasonal price

      Wok-fried lobster with ginger & scallions

    • 宮廷賽螃蟹

      Seasonal price

      Imperial Shanghai Crab fresh crabmeat wok-fried with egg white presented in a crab shell with spicy deep-fried claws

    • 黃金焗大蟹

      Seasonal price

      Wok-baked Dungeness crab with salted duck egg yolk

    • 薑汁酒糟蒸大蟹

      Seasonal price

      Steamed Dungeness crab in ginger & rice wine sauce

    • 美極焗大蟹

      Seasonal price

      Wok-baked Dungeness crab flavored with Maggi soy sauce

    • 大千豉椒炒蟹

      Seasonal price

      Wok-fried Dungeness crab with chili pepper in black bean sauce

    • 海鮮

    • 辣酒汁燴三鮮


      Wok-baked jumbo prawns, scallops & oysters in spicy wine sauce

    • 豉汁乾葱爆蝦球


      Wok-fried jumbo prawns with bean sauce & garlic

    • 蜜汁柚子明蝦球


      Wok-fried jumbo prawns with sweet pomelo sauce

    • 大千香辣蝦球


      Spicy fried jumbo prawns with garlic and sun-dried chili pepper

    • 魚香大蝦煲


      Hot casserole of jumbo prawns and minced pork, flavored with a spicy bean paste

    • 松露菌香煎帶子餅


      Pan-seared cakes of scallop mousse, flavored with truffle & truffle sauce

    • 貳鬆炒帶子


      Wok-fried fresh scallops on a bed of vegetables, dusted with pine seeds

    • 珊瑚脆玉帶


      Deep-fried fresh scallops topped with a egg white sauce, garnished with fish roe

    • 蟹肉扒時蔬


      Poached seasonal vegetables with fresh crabmeat sauce

    • 香蔥煎銀雪魚扒


      Wok-seared filet of Atlantic codfish with scallions

    • 蝦子炒斑球


      Filet of bass wok-fried with a dust of shrimp roe

    • 雲腿麒麟玉樹斑


      Filet of bass sandwiched with cured ham, shiitake mushroom & Chinese green

    • 肉類

    • 中式煎牛仔柳


      Wok-seared beef tenderloin in traditional Cantonese sweet sauce

    • 辣子牛柳球


      Wok-fried diced beef tenderloin with sun-dried chili peppers

    • 京醬牛柳絲


      Wok-fried shredded beef tenderloin in sweet Hoisin sauce

    • 陳皮牛仔肉


      Stir-fried sliced beef flavored with aged mandarin peel

    • 松露野菌伴鹽酥羊仔架 (兩件)

      $15.00 two racks

      Deep-fried lamb rack with truffle & assorted mushrooms

    • 秘制東坡肉


      “Dong Puo” Pork Belly Lai Wah Heen interpretation based on the famous recipe from Zhejiang

    • 無鍚醬烤骨


      Wuxi Spareribs, slowly cooked in capitol-style sweet & sour sauce

    • 鎮江醋香骨


      Braised pork chop in Chinese dark vinegar

    • 荔枝咕嚕肉


      Deep-fired pork loin glazed with a sweet and sour sauce with lychee fruit

    • 味魚馬蹄煎肉餅


      Pan-seared cakes of minced pork, sun-dried salted fish & water chestnut

    • 三絲燴茄子


      Stir-fried eggplant with shredded pork & duckling

    • 麻婆豆腐


      Ma Paw Tofu Spicy diced tofu with minced pork and pickled vegetables

    • 家禽類

    • 黑松露汁脆皮燒雞


      Crispy chicken in truffle sauce

    • 宮保腰果雞丁


      Kung Pao Chicken Stir-fried diced chicken with cucumbers & cashew nut in a spicy bean paste

    • 台灣三杯雞煲


      Taiwanese “Triple Cup” Chicken, served in a hot clay pot flavored with soy sauce, rice wine & vinegar

    • 蜜餞芝麻雞


      Wok-fried boneless chicken glazed with honey and dusted with sesame seeds

    • 龍井茶皇雞


      Marinated soy chicken smoked and infused by Dragon Well tea leafs

    • 鮮菠蘿炒鴨脯


      Stir-fried duck breast with fresh pineapple & vegetable medley

    • 彩虹炒鴨柳


      Stir-fried shredded barbequed duckling with a rainbow of carrot, celery & seasonal vegetables

    • 蔬菜豆腐類

    • 三寶菰扒時蔬


      Wok-braised bunashimeji, king oyster & enoki mushrooms with seasonal vegetable

    • 豬骨濃湯玉子豆腐浸時蔬


      Seasonal vegetable sprout & egg tofu poached in concentrated pork stock

    • 花菰燒豆腐


      Deep-fried tofu braised with shiitake mushrooms garnished with choy sum

    • 籠仔菰菰蒸釀豆腐


      Steamed tofu & assorted mushrooms in a bamboo basket

    • 薑汁酒炒芥蘭


      Wok-fried Chinese kale with Chinese rice wine & ginger

    • 香蒜炒雙脆瓜


      Wok-fried zucchini in garlic sauce

    • 川辣炒雜菜


      Wok-fried assorted fresh vegetables flavored with spicy Szechuan sauce

    • 乾貨海味類

    • 鮮蟹肉燕窩羹

      $40.00 per person

      Imperial Swallow’s Nest in crabmeat bisque

    • 雞茸雲腿燕窩羹

      $40.00 per person

      Swallow’s Nest soup with minced chicken & flavored with dust of cured ham

    • 碧綠鲜鮑脯


      Braised sliced abalone & vegetables in supreme oyster sauce

    • 蝦子燒海參


      Braised sea cucumber in oyster sauce flavored with shrimp roe

    • 蔥燒海參煲


      Wok-cooked sea cucumber with scallion & garlic in a casserole

    • 瑤柱扒菜苗


      Seasonal vegetable sprouts topped with shredded conpoy & supreme oyster sauce

    • 桂花炒魚肚


      Scrambled egg stir mixed with diced fish maw

    • 上湯肘子浸露筍


      Fresh asparagus poached in supreme broth, topped with thinly sliced cured ham

    • 飯麵類

    • 上湯龍蝦煎米粉

      Seasonal price

      Braised fresh Nova Scotia marine lobster in rich supreme broth on a bed of crispy fried vermicelli

    • 松露菌龍蝦片炒麵

      $12.00 per person

      Truffle & lobster escalopes on crispy egg noodles flavored with truffle scented oil

    • 香蒜鵝肝鴨粒炒飯


      Foie gras & diced duckling fried rice flavored with deep-fried garlic

    • 蠔皇鮑魚雞粒燴飯


      Diced abalone & chicken fried rice topped with a supreme oyster sauce

    • 雞粒五穀飯


      Fried multi-grain, rice & sweet corn with diced chicken

    • 鮮菠蘿海皇炒飯


      Deluxe seafood fried rice with diced fresh pineapple

    • 貳鬆鮮蝦黃金飯


      Salted egg yolk fried rice with shrimp & pine seeds

    • 乾炒雞絲一家麵


      Shredded chicken & vegetable wok-fried with thin noodles

    • 蟹肉乾燒伊麵


      Classic braised e-fu noodles with crabmeat

    • 麗華海皇炒麵


      Lai Wah Heen Fried Noodles with assorted seafood

    • 乾炒頭抽牛河


      Fried rice noodles with sliced beef & vegetables in dark soy sauce

    • 鮮蝦腿絲新竹米


      Stir-fried Taiwanese vermicelli with fresh shrimp, vegetables & shredded cured ham

    • 星洲炒貴刁


      Fried rice noodles with shrimp, shredded barbequed pork & vegetables in curry

    • 甜品類

    • 冰花燉燕窩

      $40.00 per person

      Supreme grade Imperial Swallow’s Nest, double boiled in light syrup

    • 蛋黃流沙包

      $8.00 per 3 pieces

      Steamed soft bun filled with custard lava

    • 紫薑蓮茸煎堆

      $6.00 per 3 pieces

      Deep-fried sesame ball stuffed with pickled ginger & lotus seed paste

    • 草莓馬拉卷

      $5.00 per 3 pieces

      Steamed spongy roll with strawberry puree

    • 桂花杞子糕

      $5.00 per 4 pieces

      Crystal jelly scented with osmanthus & wolfberry fruit

    • 鮮奶木瓜酥餅

      $7.00 per 3 pieces

      Deep-fried pastry stuffed with milk custard & papaya

    • 特式雪糕或雪葩

      $8.50 per person

      House made ice cream and sorbet Please ask your server about today’s selection

    • 香芒荔枝西米露

      $5.50 per serving

      Tapioca, lychee & mango in chilled sweet soup

    • 滋潤糖水

      $5.00 per serving

      Traditional Chinese sweet soup Please ask your server about today’s selection